Swamped Chapter 20 Page 2

You decide to wait. There’s a lot going on, and you’ll probably be safest if you just wait for Crook to get back and update you on what’s happening.

So you stay perfectly still, just to make sure you don’t make any sudden sounds…


Such as that sneeze. Ugh. It’s so dusty in here. You really wish you had your mask.

And now you hear footsteps approaching. They might have heard you. It’s hard to say; sound doesn’t travel too well. It could be a coincidence.

They did come closer, though. You can make out some of their words.

“…like someone sneezing?”

That sounds like Claws. You only heard her once, but it’s a memorable voice.

“…could be, hard to say. …hole in the wall? …you know how this place is.”

And that’s Corvus. You’ve heard him enough times to be sure.

“…no time for this… Razor… that tunneler…”

Tunneler? What’s she talking about? Does the Marsh Fortress have a tunneler problem, too? And why’d she mention Razor?

You hear some footsteps getting quieter. Sounds like she’s moving away, at least.

“…think there might be something… let you know what I find…”

Uh-oh. It sounds like Corvus might be looking for you. On the other hand, he could be talking about something else for all you know.

Well, if it comes down to it, you’ve got that slicer you grabbed earlier. If he’s searching alone, you might be able to surprise him, and then… well, you’ll work that out if it comes to it.

“…a latch?”

It sounds like he’s making his way to the hidden door. You get your slicer ready.

It takes him nearly a minute to open the door. At which point, you promptly throw your slicer and hit him in the head. He falls unconscious, and you drag him into your hiding spot before closing the door.

Now what?

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Slicer: 2, Corvus’ head: 0

Crook is pretty impressed you just one-shotted a squad leader…even if it was Corvus, apparently he was able to beat grey-maw in a arm wrestling contest.

Maybe there’s a way to confirm if there’s a tunneler problem. Dean would know for sure.


now hide WITH the body

Author’s Note:

I feel like it says a lot about Corvus that we just spent an extended period of time looking at his point of view and he was clever and thinking carefully all the time, and then almost immediately after switching perspectives, he gets knocked out by a boomerang.