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“Can you get up the ladder?”

“I’ve done it before, but I had problems getting back down.”

“That’ll work, then. They won’t think to look for you here. It’s not a busy place, anyhow. Even if they do look, nobody but Requiem and me knows about this little hiding spot. I’ll stop by again when Razor gives up, just sit tight.”

But it doesn’t sound nearly that quiet. You’ve heard at least four people clambering up that ladder since you arrived, and it sounds like two of them are shouting at each other now.

Not that you can make out much. There isn’t a lot of sound making its way in here. But on the other hand, that likely means you won’t draw attention as long as you don’t make a lot of noise.

This whole thing has been a big mess. It seems Rider vanished last night, and you’ve heard nothing from Mudviper either. You’re unlikely to get the explanation you were hoping for.

You almost wonder if it would be better to let Razor ask his questions and get it over with – but then you recall your interrogation with him and conclude that no, it wouldn’t.

You strain yourself to hear the conversation a little better. You still can’t make out anything sensible, but you think you recognize the voices. One is the Marshguard who got captured the first day you arrived… Corvus, you think? And the other sounds like the woman who got Razor off your back last night.

Maybe it’s worth the risk of exposing yourself; from what you know, neither seems likely to hand you over to Razor, and the woman seemed to have enough authority to protect you from him.

But you don’t know that for sure. Or they might not give you a chance to explain. There’s also a chance you’re wrong about the voices.

Should you go out there now, or stay put?

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don’t move a lung. you’re waiting, and wait you shall.