Swamped Chapter 2 Page 8

For starters, you need to be ready in case it comes to blows. You put your mask on, just in case you end up in the water, and get your dagger ready.

Now you decide that it’s best if you have a hiding place, so you can catch any potential thieves by surprise. You glance around the ship, and quickly realize that the lifeboat will suit your needs. You hide under the tarp covering it, then lie down and listen.

Or you try to. You’ve been working a lot of nights lately, and Tom Fifth’s been working on something so you’ve been sleeping poorly in the days. The lifeboat’s not exactly comfortable, but neither is your bed, so it’s not long before you drift off.

When you wake up, you realize that you’ve drifted off in more than one way. You’re tied up in the lifeboat, with a small and unpleasant Marshguard staring at you while his taller cohort is rowing.

“He’s waking up, Legs,” the short one says.

“Doesn’t matter. We’re nearly home, and I doubt he’s swimming back in those ropes. Just hit him if he tries anything.”

It occurs to you that the last prisoner exchange only took two days. You could just wait this out. You might even be able to get some actual sleep while you’re waiting.

But that would just be giving up. Surely there’s something else you can do here.

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eh, prisoner exchange would probably be best for all parties involved in this war at this point. the more negotiations happen, the closer we get to the war just being over once and for all!

Wiggle over into the water