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It suddenly strikes you that the Bogknights have a barge that is considerably better than any other transportation you’re likely to find out here. You briefly muse on the idea of stealing it, but quickly abandon the thought; it’s well-guarded and you have no idea how to operate it anyhow. Not to mention all the attention it would draw, and the two of you couldn’t possibly fight off a boarding party on your own.

But, as you recall from your assault, the barge has a lifeboat on it. That would be considerably easier to take, and less conspicuous out on the water.

“We’re heading to the docks,” you say, dragging Shorty along.

Your name is Tom. Tom Ninth, more specifically, because there’s a lot of Toms here and they need a way to tell them apart.

You’ve had a rough load of work lately, and tonight is no exception. You’re on night watch for the barge.

It’s usually a boring job, but tonight you’re hearing a lot of noises and seeing a lot of lights shining outside. There might be an actual intruder for once, which means you’ve got to keep watch in case they decide to steal or sabotage the barge.

Might be good to prepare for a break-in attempt. What can you do right now?

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Put on your waterproof mask and have your weapon to hand

Sit still and quietly and try to concentrate on listening for people sneaking around

Fall asleep, because you’ve been on night watch for the barge for the past week and Tom Fifth makes too much noise for you to get some shuteye during the day. Then be Shorty.

Author’s Note:

I thought of the numbered Toms soon after I started the adventure. This felt like the first good opportunity to introduce one, though we’ve already met another – I just didn’t name him at the time.

This is far from the last Tom we’ll see in this story.