Swamped Chapter 19 Page 10

It suddenly strikes you that it’s odd Grey-maw looked in the Roost; Marshall’s only got one arm, which would make it hard to climb the ladders.

So odd that you wonder if there was some other purpose behind it.

You put yourself in Razor’s position for a minute. You’ve got some peculiar interest in this prisoner, but you can’t do the questioning yourself.

Wouldn’t the simplest way around it be to make the prisoner disappear?

And most investigators would overlook the roost, because there’s a ladder to climb. It doesn’t usually see a lot of activity, anyways. Especially with Requiem still recovering. Come to think of it, you saw Doc’s report and Requiem’s symptoms were a little different…

Ugh, no. Much as you dislike Razor, you aren’t quite convinced he’d do something that underhanded. He’s no Ash. Still, it’s worth looking into.

“Shorty,” you say, walking over to him.

“Yes, boss?”

“I think I forgot my notebook. Could you grab me some paper and a pen from the Roost? I’ll take over on lookout duty.”

“Um, sure.”

“And tell me of anything you see there. Grey-Maw seemed to think it was a place worth checking. I doubt that, but I’m curious if she missed something.”

“Got it, Boss. Anything else?”

“Yes, if there happens to be anyone there, try not to draw too much attention to yourself. Just tell me who it is.”

“Why would anyone be in the Roost, unless they were mailing a letter?”

“That’s just what I’m wondering about.”

Shorty shrugs, and heads off. This is really just a hunch, but if Razor and Gray-maw are up to something, there’s sure to be some of their cronies keeping watch at the Roost.

Well, now you might as well think about how to use this situation to get that meeting between Starling and Jackson going. You don’t like having outstanding debts, especially to the enemy.

Starling has that keyring, which also has the interrogation room keys on it. Hmm. You could probably benefit from checking the room Marshall was questioned in. Certainly that’s how you’d pass it off as an excuse to Rivers to let Starling check it out.

Then you’d make sure she didn’t get caught there by questioning a prisoner. Just suggesting to Locks that you wanted a follow-up. You might need to get someone else’s approval in case she’s in a bad mood, though; she prefers it when questioning gets done right the first time.

Well, it’s a plan, anyhow. You should be able to work out the details when Shorty gets back. You aren’t even entirely sure why you thought you’d need lookout duty, really. Who’s going to come here that you should be worried about? You doubt Marshall would take the obvious route back, and anyone else should be a Marshguard.

…wait, who’s that coming? You don’t think it’s Shorty, he shouldn’t have had time to get to the roost and back yet.

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