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“Right. So first off, we’re looking for places the prisoner could have left. Butterfly, just to be clear – no one saw him leave through the main entrance?”

“Nope,” Butterfly says, shaking her head. “The cell was already empty when I got here.”

“Who was on the shift before you?”

“Well, Ringer’s shift is different from mine. So they were already here. I think the other guard on duty was Crook?”

Well. You can add “have a word with Crook” to your list of things to do once you’re finished here, you suppose.

“So there must be some kind of passage. Rivers, Starling, search the cell block up and down for possible exits. Shorty, keep an eye out on the main entrance, on the offchance the prisoner comes charging back here to free the others. Legs, you got on well with Tom Tenth, go question him from outside the cell. Keep Rotmouth with you, of course, but make sure her breath doesn’t get too close to him. Move on to the others when you’re satisfied with his answers.”

“And what are you going to do while you’re all taking care of that?”

“I’m going to check the other cells. See if they seem to be hiding something, or waiting. Just seeing if anyone’s expecting a next step.”

With all that settled, everyone heads off into their positions. You glance into the cells.

There’s a young woman, looks like a newmuck to you; a rather large Bogknight who looks like he might be able to just tear the bars out if he put a good effort into it; Dean, who you vaguely remember seeing some other time; and… Jackson?

Jackson gives you a meaningful look, to the effect of “so when are you keeping up your end of the bargain”. But that means Crosswinds’ info was wrong. You head back to Butterfly.

“Hang on,” you say. “Did you escort more than one prisoner today?”

“Yeah, after I dragged yours back here, Razor had me take the one-armed kid to questioning. Again. Don’t think he did the questioning himself that time, but I’m not sure who did.”

Crosswinds must have missed that crucial piece of info.

So you’ve got a missing one-armed newmuck who’s been the center of a lot of attention lately. You’ve got a promise to Jackson to reintroduce him to his cousin. You’ve got questions for Crook about what exactly he was doing. And you’ve got a dinner conversation with Razor to look forward to.

But all of that’s going to have to wait until your team finishes their work here. And you seem to have taken care of your own task already, so it’s time to move on to something else.

You could ask Butterfly some more questions, take the more troublesome approach of questioning Ringer, take a closer look at the empty cell, or go check on how your squadmates are doing. Or perhaps there’s another option you’re overlooking.

What are you going to do?

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link jackson back up with his cousin asap, that’s something that’s been on your to-do list for too long.


Haha. Greymaw checked the rookery for a one armed Bogknight who can’t climb ladders…

…Razor is keeping Marshall in the rookery isn’t he.

Have Shorty run to the Rookery to grab some paper for you. Tell him to report back if he notices anyone there – like Greymaw’s crew.

As for Starling, you need to check the room Marshall was interrogated in. Tell Rivers to make a small diversion to give Starling the chance to sneak in. (Wouldnt want those keys to go to waste). Tell Starling you’ll make up an excuse to meet her in the room. Once she’s in, ask to have a follow up interrogation with Jackson. Locks should allow it since you interrogated them once before. That’ll get you, Jackson, and Starling in the same room, alone.