Swamped Chapter 19 Page 8

“There was a small hole in the floorboards. I thought I saw a glint of something through there. Took a closer look, but all I saw was swamp muck.” Rivers clearly seems annoyed.

“Could have been our escapee swimming through,” you muse.

“Didn’t see any sign of him. And the water below the base is too shallow for hiding. You can see the bottom.”

“Hmm. I guess it’s something to check out. If we find a big hole in the floor somewhere, certainly. But even if that’s where he is, there’s no real place to leave the base underwater. We already called a lockdown on the floodgates.”

“Well, you can look for yourself if you want. Me, I just want to get moving. Don’t care where.”

“Right. Probably best to start with the cells, then we’ll look for any holes he might have used to slip into the water. This way, everyone.”

You lead the squad into the cells. Ringer and another guard are standing watch outside an empty cell with a noticeable gap in the bars.

“This where the prisoner escaped from?” you ask. Ringer rings his bell once, you’re pretty sure that’s a yes.

“Yeah, and Grey-maw already went over it,” says the other guard. “Gave me a real chewing-out, too. All I did was escort him, I didn’t even get shifted to cell duty until a half-hour ago.”

“Sorry, I didn’t catch your name.”

“Butterfly. Look, I don’t know what you want to check. We’re making sure the others don’t try anything, and we’re keeping a close eye on this cell in case he’s stumbled onto some sort of secret passage. But you’re welcome to look at anything that catches your eye.”

Well. Time to start the investigation, you suppose. There’s six of you here; so what should you have everyone do?

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Rivers and Starling start scouting the area to look for clues and signs of potential entrances/exits. Have Legs and Rotmouth chat it up with the prisoners, starting with Tom (have Rotmouth keep her distance during the chat) Legs managed to hit it off with Tom before, oddly enough. Shorty’s on sentry duty, let us know when someone comes.

You’re going to check the other prisoners, see if you can spot any contraband or something that could cut the bars…

Oh hey Jackson. Fancy seeing you here…in a cell…

Uh…Butterfly, out of curiosity, how many arms did the prisoner you escorted have?


3 of course, why

Author’s Note:

Butterfly is meant to be the guard who Corvus mentioned earlier and didn’t know the name of. I could have been more explicit about that.