Swamped Chapter 19 Page 6

You decide to just straight-out answer.

“I’ve seen people come out of the desert with it. The symptoms are a lot like murderfly toxin, but they come more slowly. Which is exactly what’s been happening to our troops. Doc looked it up, seems something in the desert sands makes you sick if you get too hot.”

He seems surprised.

“When did you realize this?”

“Um, I had a nagging feeling ever since I saw Gills come down with it. But I couldn’t quite place it until I had a look over Doc’s reports on it. Then I realized heat was a common factor in all the cases, and that reminded me of the fever.”

You’re not sure what his angle is. He could be digging for dirt on you… but he might also be seriously sizing you up as a potential Councillor.

“You looked over Doc’s reports?”

“It’s a subject that came up when Mudviper talked with me. That was my third debriefing today, sir, so I’d appreciate it if we could make this one quick.”

“I have other matters to attend to myself, so I suppose I’ll resume this later if I have anything else to add. Before I dismiss you, though, I have one last question.”

“What is it, sir?”

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where’s jackson, corvus you fucker?! you were the last one to see him, you must have done something
Good ole Razor, power hungry and paranoid. Fun how he just makes life harder for ya.