Swamped Chapter 19 Page 3

“Hold it,” you say. You point Shorty to Starling’s right, and stand on the left so you’ll be closest when Grey-maw approaches.

“That’s good. Now, keep moving.”

Grey-maw gives you a glare when you pass by. You try not to look worried.

“Hang on,” she says suddenly. “Where are you three headed?”

“I heard there was an escaped prisoner,” you say cautiously. “So I’m headed to the cells to check it out.”

“Who ordered you on that job?” she asks.

“I’m under Mudviper’s command right now,” you reply. “And today she left me to my own initiative. It’s an evaluation of sorts.”

“Well. Razor left that investigation in my hands,” Grey-maw says, pulling some cell keys out of her pocket. “So. Unless you’ve got some actual authority to look into this, you’ve got a choice. You can work under my supervision, or you can get lost. Which is it going to be?”

Damn. You should have known something like this would happen. Of course Razor would be giving his right-hand assignments that would make her look better to the Council.

So, what’s your answer?

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sleight-of-hand the keys


There’s no way you’re going to work under Grey-maw, but the fact she’s trying to recruit you shows that she’s confident. Possibly enough so to brag about the info she’s already acquired.

Let her know that your squad is pissed someone let out the assholes that tied them up last night. There’s no way we’re gonna sit around while that happens. She’ll understand the anger…might even help her relax more. Hopefully, too the thought of having to manage your whole squad is distasteful enough for her to drop it and let you pass.

Ask why she’s heading away from the cells if she’s investigating the escapee. She doesn’t seem to be on anyone’s trail at the moment.

Curious that she’s by herself…unless she sent Gash and Carbuncle down the other path…