Swamped Chapter 18 Page 25

“You’ve got a good point, Legs. She’s a risk. Someone would have to keep an eye on her at all times, make sure she didn’t go running off. That would be too much of a distraction, and we can’t afford it on an important mission like this.”

“I’m not some coward!” Rotmouth shouts back. “I never run from a fight. Take me along, and you’ll see just what I can do.”

Now that’s what you want to hear.

“Tell you what. Legs, you’re keeping an eye on her. She does anything funny, you warn us. She behaves herself, and there’s no problems.”

“And if she doesn’t?” Legs asks, skeptically.

“Her friends are already confined to quarters. Any more trouble, and we’ll have to toss her in a cell for a few days.”

Rotmouth glares at you, then sighs.

“I won’t cause any trouble. Just let me out.”

“She’s your responsibility now, Corvus,” Doc says, unlocking the chains. “Don’t forget that. And could some of you help me move Viper to the bed before you go?”

Rivers and Starling comply, and when that’s taken care of, you head out into the hall.

“So what’s the plan, Boss?” Shorty asks. “Where do we start looking for the prisoner?”

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If it’s Jackson who escaped, he’d be looking for you- but can’t let the others know that. But it doesn’t make sense for Jackson to leave. Better check out the cells just in case. Maybe Locks got the name wrong. You also don’t want to have the whole squad march en mass to the cells though. Split up, Legs, Rotmouth, and Shorty head one way and you Starling and Rivers the other. Let Rotmouth know this is a test. (Also, if it is Jackson who escaped, you want to keep a close eye on Starling)


Not you and Starling and Rivers, we’ve been wanting to separate those two for a while, remember? Take Legs or Shorty instead of Rivers