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“One of the prisoners escaped. Think his name was Jackson. Seems he didn’t get locked in properly after someone interrogated him.”

Oh hells. You’ll probably get questions about that, too. Even though you didn’t do anything to make it easier.

But he wanted to see his cousin. Would he even recognize her?

Maybe he’s just trying to get the others out. Either way, it’s not good for you.

“We think we’ve got someone trying to infiltrate, too. Patrollers have been disappearing, only to turn up unconscious in the underbrush, or behind rocks, or in tree branches. The reports started from further out, so it’s unlikely to be the prisoner.”

“We lost track of a Bogknight when we got free,” you say. “Maybe she’s heading this way?”

“Could be. Fortress is on lockdown, anyhow. Nobody leaves unless there’s an emergency. We don’t want that prisoner getting out.”

“Well, there is an emergency,” you grumble. “And I’ve got to take care of it. Say, you wouldn’t mind looking like you’re chasing me for the next little stretch, would you? Just give me a bit of a headstart.”

“Go for it.”

You run the rest of the way to Doc’s, with Crosswinds chasing you. As expected, everyone decides to just stay out of the way. Any fight that has Crosswinds involved is sure to be chaotic, after all.

When you arrive, Crosswinds grabs your shoulder.

“Gotcha,” they say, chuckling. You just glare and step in.

“Got a present from Keeper,” you say, presenting the bag. “Two very cold bottles, and he says they’ll stay cold for quite a while.”

Doc takes the bag from you.

“Huh. Untouched. He didn’t give you three bottles, did he?”

“He said he’d try to come up with something longer-term.”

“Well, these should help,” Doc says, putting them by Mudviper. “Of course, now I’ve got to keep the desperate drunks out until he’s done with whatever it is.”

There’s a groan in the corner. Rotmouth is coming to.

“You may want your mask on,” you say.

“I was getting to that,” Doc scowls. “Starling, watch the bottles.”

She still doesn’t trust you, it seems. Well, you may as well try to make yourself useful anyhow, not like you’ll have much else to do. Starling’s going to be busy with guard duty, and Crosswinds has no doubt already…

“So what now, ‘Boss’?” Crosswinds asks, chuckling a little. Seems they’ve decided to stick around for once.

Well, this is a rare opportunity. So what are you going to talk to them about?

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even if you’re not in on it, i’m still committed to getting mudviper that council position. please be in on it.


This prisoner escaping is bad news…but it actually presents an opportunity. This is the same group that pulled on over on your team last night. They’re more than a little sore about it and you’ve been pouring over how you could have handled it better.

Ask crosswinds to gather your squad here. You have a plan to re-capture Jackson and catch that infiltrator. Also, you’re going to take Rotmouth with you. Gotta break that group up and she could be useful.

Also ask what they know about “The Fall of Alexandria”. Any idea why Feldspar might be interested in it?