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You know just what happens when Doc has to treat a patient and the bed’s occupied.

“Starling! Clear off the table. Just put everything in a corner of the room. We’ll need it in a moment.”

“Not just yet we won’t,” Doc snaps. “Get her helmet off.”

Right, that’ll keep her head from getting too hot. You don’t want the problem getting worse. Doc gets to work on taking off the rest of Mudviper’s armor.

By the time that’s done, Starling’s cleared the table. You all pick up the patient and carry her over so Doc can get a better look.

“Hells! The fever’s pretty far along. She must have picked it up a while ago.”

“That’s just like her,” you mutter. “Soldiering on despite the pain.”

“Top priority right now, we need to cool her down.” Doc glances at you. “Where’s your cold-pack?”

“Already on her head. She needs it more than I do.”

“Good. I’ll grab more. Wish we had better stuff available, but we don’t.”

Doc rushes to a cupboard, and comes back with a half-dozen more cold-packs. She puts them on Mudviper’s arms, legs, and chest.

“That’s all I’ve got. Hopefully it’ll be enough.”

“Hopefully?” Starling asks. She’s worried. Well, you are too, at that.

“She’s gone untreated for too long. If she’d collapsed somewhere else, or if I’d treated it like poisoning, she’d have been dead by now. Even with the cold-packs, she’s stabilized a bit, but I can’t guarantee she’ll make it to tomorrow. I’d feel a lot safer if we could cool her down more, but I don’t have the resources for that.”

Well, you’re not settling for that. You’ve got to think of a way to keep Mudviper cool.

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he meat locker! wait, you’d contaminate all the meat. run and fetch some ice


aw man, Shorty is going to be real disappointed when you take his ice cream from him. He saved up all mo th for that!