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“There’s a few things, actually. One of them’s sensitive enough that I wouldn’t like talking about it in here, just in case someone wakes up.”

“We can’t leave them unattended. Write it down; Stinger only knows how to read his own tongue, and the other three haven’t picked up the skill at all.”

That’s a good thought. You grab a spare sheet from the notebook and scribble on it.

Star has relative among prisoners – ex-sailor. Doesn’t know. He’s sorry for family matters. Think they should talk.

“I’m not in much of a position to help with this,” Mudviper says, reading over it and crumpling it up. “But I’ll see what my options are and get back to you. Now, you said there were other matters?”

“Crook tells me you’re in charge of Rider’s menagerie now.”

“Officially, yes. But I don’t have Rider’s talent for dealing with animals. Honestly, Razor probably thinks this is a punishment for me.”

“Well, I was wondering if you could give Rivers and Starling a bit more responsibility there. They seem to do well with the animals.”

“Starling I can believe, but Rivers? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that girl with a smile on her face.”

“She seems to like the animals better than anything else she’s had to work with. Anyways, right now they’re just on cleanup duty, but I was thinking they could take over feeding duty, too.”


“What, just like that?”

“Feeding duty currently falls to me by default. I’m more than happy to assign it to someone else. Is that all? Because if it is, I’d like to discuss Doc’s notes before we head over there.”

“Well. There’s that big Fenguin…”

“Caught last night with the prisoners, evidently. Mantis has taken responsibility for its care. If you want anything to do with it, you’ll have to talk with him, or at least convince Requiem to put in a good word for you.”

Neither of those options sounds good. And this is mainly an excuse to give Rivers an interrogation session; you can probably do that some other way. If you even still need to; Mudviper might come up with a better alternative for the meeting you’re really concerned about.

So that leaves these notes from Doc, which you should probably have a look at. Or is there anything else you need to discuss with Mudviper first?

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drop the cover story and tell mudviper that you’d like a pretense to get them an interrogation session. you’re on the same team.


Mudviper probably doesn’t care for Corvus losing focus from the whole “get on the council” gig. She’s a busy woman who is ready for Corvus to get past his Doc complex and suck it up.

…wait did Rivers and Starling finish swamprats without you?! Those jerks!