Swamped Chapter 18 Page 12

“I don’t like the sounds of what’s going on in there,” you say. “We’d better lend a hand, just in case.”

You step inside. You see one of the delinquents unconscious on the ground, but another has grabbed Mudviper from behind. The third seems to be dueling with Stinger.

“Lecture didn’t go so well, I take it,” you say, as you slip your mudpike in front of Stinger’s opponent. She falls off-balance a bit, but as Stinger approaches to strike, she blows in his face and he winces. It’s enough of a distraction for her to strike back at him, knocking him to the ground. Then she turns towards you.

This must be Rotmouth. You’ve heard about her, though this is your first time meeting in person. Her breath is notoriously awful, even worse than swamp gases. It’s not exactly deadly, but the sheer strength of it is a potent diversion if you’re not prepared.

Of course, if you know it’s coming, it’s easy to protect against. Everyone’s got a filter mask on their uniform, after all.

“Masks on!” you shout, quickly putting yours up. Stinger evidently didn’t know her reputation, or he’d have his ready. Luckily, her cohort seems too occupied with keeping Mudviper constrained to join the fight.

That means it’s essentially three-on-one right now. But Rotmouth’s clearly a better-trained fighter than Rivers or Starling, even if she hasn’t been in the swamp for as long. You’ll likely have to do most of the work here.

That said, you shouldn’t forget that you have two squadmates here. It would be a valuable confidence-booster if they knew they were being useful. Their last fight didn’t go so well, after all.

So what’s your plan for the fight?

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flank them and secure the limbs