Swamped Chapter 18 Page 11

Eh. Nothing’s riding on this game, might as well speed it up with a bad play. You drop your six and wait for Rivers to make her play…

Which is a Nine of Wings. Oh, looks like you have to explain ties after all.

“So, er, who wins?” Starling asks.

Just as you’re about to answer, you hear a loud noise on the other side of the door. You give Stinger a meaningful glance.

“I look,” he says. “Be ready for trouble.”

“Right. Cards down, everyone.” You’re sure Mudviper has everything under control, but you don’t want to take chances. You put your cards on the floor and stand up.

“Right, just when you’re losing,” Rivers mumbles.

“Doesn’t really matter, but if everything’s fine, we’ll pick up from where we were afterwards. Then you can make fun of me for losing all you want. Right now, we’ve got trouble, so take your position.”

Starling’s already followed your lead. Rivers is a bit slower to get up, but still does.

When you’re all ready, Stinger heads through the door.

Soon after that, you hear another noise. Then some more.

It definitely sounds like a fight’s breaking out in there. You’re not sure if Rivers and Starling are ready for it if anything goes wrong; they’ve got little combat experience.

Maybe you should just stay out here and wait to see what happens. Or perhaps you should go in and see what’s going on.

You could also send Starling or Rivers to get help, just in case the troublemakers get out.

What are you going to do?

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everybody goes in

Author’s Note:

I’m not sure I ever actually came up with a rule for handling ties on challenges. If I did, I’ve forgotten it.