Swamped Chapter 18 Page 10

You decide to drop the Ace of Leaves, since it’s useless in challenges, and hold onto the Nine of Blades instead. You hand over your cards, and Rivers discards them all, along with an Ace of Wings.

Hmm, you’ve barely seen any Wings so far. That ace and Starling’s Four are the only ones. Are the rest in their hands, or still in the deck?

It’s Starling’s turn now, but Stinger suddenly speaks up.

“Wait, wait,” he says. “What happens if someone bets on Corvus’ suit again?”

“It’s not allowed,” you say. “You can make a bet through process of elimination, though the game has to drag on a fair amount for that to happen, but if someone says ‘Yes’ after a bet, you’re not allowed to make that same bet again. It’d be too easy to run someone out of cards otherwise.”

“I see. Thank you.”

It’s Starling’s turn now. She draws, then puts down a Nine of Stones.

“Challenge,” she says.

Hmm. You can tie that, but then you’d have to explain ties, if Rivers doesn’t top it. You hadn’t thought to bring that up earlier.

Then again, your only other option is to give up a leaf card, and lose one of your nines anyhow. And then you’ll have barely any cards.

What are you going to do?

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make the bad move where you don’t tie


Corvus go with your instincts.

I…uh…kind of find this segment a little boring, it is rude to suggest a terrifying explosion whose sole narrative purpose is to get us out of this card game?