Swamped Chapter 18 Page 9

After a careful review of what you know, you opt to pass. Might as well hold on to as many leaf cards as you can.

“Pass,” you say.

“Ugh, it took you that long to decide and you’re just doing nothing?” Rivers grumbles, picking up her next card. “I thought the point was to avoid being bored while we wait.”

“I wanted to be sure I wasn’t overlooking something,” you mutter. But she has a point; you could be thinking ahead more on the other players’ turns to speed things up.

Rivers’ card isn’t a Stone. Other than that, all you know for sure is which cards have shown up in play.

Which is quite a few, actually. You know seven from your initial hand, two more from Rivers’ hand, and one from Starling’s. Plus the one she drew last turn. That’s eleven cards you can rule out, and only a few were Stones, so the options for Rivers’ cards are even fewer.

Which means…

“Suit,” Rivers says, putting down a Knight of Leaves and staring at you. “See, that didn’t take so long, did it?”

“How many cards?” you ask, trying not to sound worried. At least it’ll take a while for them to guess your rank.

“Three,” she says calmly. “So. Right or wrong?”

“You’re right.” Damn! That’s going to hurt. That’s just enough to hold onto all your Leaves, though.

But should you do that? Or is there a reason to take another option?

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ditch everything besides the leaves. that way someone can call three leaves on you again and totally clean you out


i still don’t understand this game but i think i just figured out enough to know how to lose, which is a start


Keep the nine of blades for future challenges, ditch the ace of leaves.

Where are all those dang wing cards?