Swamped Chapter 18 Page 8

You drop the seven, and Starling takes a turn.

She draws a card, then looks around for a while before glancing at Rivers. She puts down the card she just drew; it’s a Seven of Stones.

“Rivers, I’m betting this matches your card’s suit.”

“How much of a bet?” Rivers asks.

“Oh… oh. Two cards?” She looks unsure?

“Well, you lose. Hand ’em over.”

Starling passes two cards along to Rivers, and now it’s your turn. You draw a Nine of Leaves.

What’s your move? Suit, rank, pass, or challenge?

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Just realized if we can win this game, or play it in a way to let Starling win, we might get a little more respect from Rivers.

Rivers does not have stones.

We haven’t seen any Wings yet.

Actually, knowing Starling, she likely chose a wing card if she had one – the design is more intricate on those.

Let’s pass and hold onto the leaves card.