Swamped Chapter 18 Page 6

You pick the Ten of Leaves. The other two pick their cards.

Rivers is on your right, so she goes first. Of course, she doesn’t actually say this, and just puts a Two of Blades down.

“Challenge,” she says.

Starling looks through her cards, then seems to settle on one. Then she pauses.

“Wait, do we play our cards in order, or all at once?”

“We put them face down, and then turn them face up. So the only card we see is the one put down for the challenge.”

It strikes you as a bit odd that Rivers put down a two on a challenge. That’s nearly a guaranteed loss. You wonder if she’s trying to let Starling win, or if she has some other plan in mind.

But at the moment, you’ve got to play one of your cards for the challenge. Which will it be?

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burn an ace