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“Mudviper, that was it. Probably because she’s Rider’s top officer. Though, I bet Razor figured she wouldn’t care much for the job.”

“Well, where is she now? I want to talk to her.”

“Briefing room seventeen. She’s giving a dressing-down to some newmucks who got on Doc’s bad side earlier today. You know the sort, they arrived here with a bunch of their old gang members and they think that means anything to us.”

Urgh. Well, you’re not looking forward to talking to her after a meeting like that, but you should probably put on a brave face for your squadmates.

“Thanks. Come on, you two, let’s see about getting you on feeding duty.”

You lead Rivers and Starling over to the briefing room. Stinger is standing by the door. He seems to be in an even worse mood than usual.

“No enter,” he says. “Mud Viper is dissi… dessi… discipline?”

“Discipline, yeah. That’s a tricky word, but you got it more or less right.”

“She is discipline troublemakers.” He looks a little doubtful.

“Disciplining. It’s a verb. Don’t sweat the details too much, though; we’ve got people here who’ve been learning the language from birth and couldn’t get that close.”

He chuckles a bit, but it doesn’t change his overall demeanor. Maybe he’s upset about Rider’s disappearance, or maybe something else happened last night.

“Well, I’d like to talk to her when she’s done. How long’s she been at it?”

“Half hour. Usually takes full hour.”

So you’re going to have to wait, most likely. You notice that Rivers seems particularly annoyed at hearing that.

How should you pass the time, preferably without Rivers losing too much patience?

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But not that pansy-Bogknight-ripoff, Rivers only plays the real deal.