Swamped Chapter 17 Page 14

Jackson. He was the one who tied you all up. Did quite the job of it, too; you couldn’t get your ropes loose at all.

Payback’s a good enough excuse. You clear your throat and tap politely on Locks’ desk.

“What do you want?” she says, scowling. Business as usual, really.

“I’d like to question Jackson,” you say.

“What for?”

“He’s the one who bound my squad last night. I’d like a few words with him.”

“Yeah, okay,” Locks grumbles. She calls down the hall. “Hey! You there! Get that, uh, Jackson guy to an interrogation room!”

Locks isn’t very good with names. The guards who have to work with her are used to it, though.

You sit and wait for a while until another guard comes by and leads you to the room. Naturally, this procedure is more about making the prisoners uncomfortable as they wait for their interrogator to arrive than about any sort of convenience for you. You have to wonder if it’s worth all the trouble.

Regardless, you’re guided in and find Jackson sitting down. You dismiss the guard.

“What do you want with me?” Jackson asks. He’s more than a little upset, which is hardly surprising.

So what questions do you have for him?

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information. we want… information. information. information. by hook or by crook, we will.

We should ask him about his teammates. The chances this one bogknight knows about the library at their base is slim, but getting intel on the group should be helpful.

Hang on…

Who the hell tied this guy up with ROPE?