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Seems like the easiest thing to do for now is work out if the Bogknights even have the book, and your best chance at finding that out is talking to the prisoners. You thank Feldspar for his work and his time, grab the shield, and head out.

Of course, you can’t just go in and ask to see any prisoner; you don’t have the rank for that. You’ve got to put in a request with Locks, and hope it gets accepted.

You head over to Locks’ room, and before interrupting her, you glance at the list already on her wall. Seems you’re a bit lucky; only two have been questioned so far. You shouldn’t have too much trouble getting in to see one of the others.

Unfortunately, one of those two is Dean, who you recall was something of a bookworm. Practically had his nose in a book the whole time when he was last here. He’d be the best to ask about books, but you’re not likely to get a chance now.

The other one who’s been questioned is Marshall. Actually been questioned twice. You’re definitely not getting a session there without good reason; could be inconvenient if Mudviper wants you passing a message along later, but for now that’s probably not your main concern.

Seems there’s also some kind of mark next to Mary Baker’s name, though you don’t know what it means. You could ask, but Locks doesn’t like answering questions. Unless you’ve got a particular reason to question Mary, it’s probably best to leave it.

The other prisoners are Walter, Jackson, and Tom Tenth. Tenth would be the one who’s shield you’ve gone and swiped; that might be an awkward conversation.

So who should you question?

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i honestly forgot who jackson is, which means it’s time to meet him all over again