Swamped Chapter 17 Page 11

“So. You done any work for Gray-maw lately?”

Gray-maw switches weapons often, mostly to throw off potential opponents. Of course, nobody can be competent with that many weapons; but with this much at stake, you’re not expecting to face one of the riskier options.

“A slicer.” He smiles just a little. “Shouldn’t be too hard on that shield, though it’ll be good at getting around it. Hope you can turn around fast.”

You’ve known Feldspar long enough to know when he’s making an offer.

“You got something else that can help me fight a slicer, then?”

“Maybe,” he shrugs. Typical. He’ll do standard arms for anyone who asks, once a month, but for anything beyond that he wants a favor.

So what can you offer him?

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I think Corvus would absolutely try and give Mudviper the seat if he had the support, but it’s likely that Mudviper would turn him down. She needs someone other than herself trustworthy on the council. Not to mention that having someone with a rational humility would drastically change the dynamic of the current council, which is another thing Rider’s faction seems to want. Taking the council position is like Corvus falling on his sword. He doesn’t want it, and it’ll make him face a lot of past demons, Ash, Doc, and whatever other terrible things we think up for him.


Offer to personally take some shifts around the smithy, assuming you survive the fight.

He knows that’s a poor trade for him, however. Especially if there’s a potential new council member he’s helping out.

The bogknights have a pretty stellar library over there, however, it wouldn’t be too difficult for a new council member to get them to toss in a couple of books as part of the next prisoner exchange…they might even have that one Feldspar’s been wanting.