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Well. Might as well take care of two problems at once. You’ve had no time to eat since you arrived, and the mess hall is full of Marshguards who can’t help but flap their lips.

The Marshguards are a secretive bunch, but for some, that just means when they’ve got something they can talk about freely, they’ll say it to anyone who listens.

You head for the hall for some grub. Sieve is already there, of course, very slowly sipping a mug of swampbrew.

It’s horrible stuff. But water’s scarce here. Making the muck remotely safe to drink is the only option you’ve really got. Some say Keeper’s saved more lives than Doc.

You don’t care to count, though. You’ve had poor history with both of them, for similar reasons. But Keeper’s harder to avoid day to day.

“Hope you weren’t expecting anything strong, Corvus,” he hisses as he pours you a mug and scoops out a small bowl of mush.

“Not here,” you sigh. Sieve gives a smirk.

“Well, if it isn’t our top squad leader,” he laughs. “I heard Claws was asking around about you. Seems she wanted to know if you were everything the stories said you were. Now, why do you suppose a councilor might be taking an interest in you, hmm?”

“Rider did,” you say. You need to be careful what you say around him; what he hears soon goes around the whole fortress.

Which is, of course, why you’re here in the first place.

“Yeah, he did. But I always figured that was pity. And Claws, well, pity’s not something she’s got a lot of. You got any idea why she’d be taking an interest?”

“Maybe she wants to take a closer look at the reports she’s heard on me,” you shrug.

“Could be. But, well, you know they’re looking for someone to fill the empty seat. Maybe she’s heard there’s more to you than we all think. What do you say to that?”

How should you answer him?

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You have a lot of experience playing dumb. Avoid lying outright. Keeper probably has a feel for when people are trying to pull one over on him. Dodge the question with something more interesting. Ask if they know anything about Rider’s disappearance, you only just found out and that’s such a huge story they’re probably eager to gossip about it to fresh ears.

Then ask if there’s anyone who thinks they could have done a better job than Rider. That might be your competition.


not rider, that’s borderline mutinous talk. ask about someone else high-ranking