Swamped Chapter 16 Page 7

You shake your head. Things seem to be going smoothly for now, and from everything you’ve heard, you won’t be stuck in here for too long.

Mary looks a bit disappointed, but nods slightly in acknowledgement. You admit to being curious about what the plan was, but it’s not as if you can talk about it.

Well, maybe you could. The argument between Doc and Grips is getting rather loud, you’d be surprised if they could hear you.

“You know full well just how many wounded we’ve got right now, you’re the one treating them! And here we have five prisoners who can pick up the slack. Why shouldn’t they?”

“What good does it do to put them to work when you need at least one guard to watch them? It works out the same for numbers.”

“Watching’s less work. We could assign them to guards who would otherwise be ending their shifts.”

“It’s not less work at all, which you’d realize if you could actually be trusted with guard duty. You need your full attention on them in case they try anything.”

At this point, they seem so focused on the argument that they don’t even care what they reveal to their prisoners. For instance, you didn’t know that the Marshguards had a lot of wounded.

What exactly happened? You want to ask, but reminding them that you’re listening might just cause them to quiet down.

Is there some way you can draw them into revealing more?

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You might try something, but it looks like Grip’s buddies are coming along. They’ll likely join in on the argument, and from what you know about the marshguards (especially if they’re as stressed as you think) you might see a couple of fists fly. Just stand back with Mary and watch what unfolds.