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It occurs to you that you have some cards in your pouch, and they let you keep them.

Unfortunately, you don’t know a lot of games. You know Swamprats, and you know Three Leaves. And the other knights are in other cells, so it’s not exactly easy to play them. The Marshguard watching you isn’t interested in games, either; she’s considerably less friendly than Crook.

So you think for a bit, and come up with a way to play Swamprats on your own. Well, sort of. It’s basically a guessing game.

First, you shuffle the deck and put the top card aside, face-down. Then you deal yourself seven cards.

What you do next is draw a card. Then you take a guess if it’s the same suit or rank. After that, you check the face-down card. If you’re right, you add the card to your hand, and put another one from the deck on the ground. If you’re wrong, you put a card in your hand aside. Your first thought is that the goal is to get through the deck and still have at least one card.

After one run through, you conclude that it’s a little too easy. Mostly it depends on if you can keep track of the cards as you go through the deck. When you get down to just a few, you know what they are. Maybe you need a different way of keeping score, or a harsher punishment for wrong guesses.

Just as you finish, you hear a bell. You look out through the bars and see Ringer approach the guard.

“They want someone for questioning?”

Ringer nods.

“Well, point them out to me.”

Who do you see Ringer pointing at?

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