Swamped Chapter 15 Page 21

“You should probably cover the hole,” Clancy says, interrupting your train of thoughts. “Could just shove that side table over it, if something comes up it’s going to make a lot of noise at least.”

You give him a glare.

“I’m not settling for that. I can do better than covering it with a table.”

You go poking your head into the closet.

“Now, where did I put those… ah, here we go.” You pull out a pair of hinges. “Thanks for pointing out the table, it’s a good starting point.”

Clancy just watches on as you attach the hinges to the table, then shove it onto the floor and start nailing in the hinges.

“There! Now I just need to add a latch, and the next time some fool gets stuck down there, it’ll be easier to let them out. Ought to be a latch on the underside too, one that’s too complex for the beasts. But that can wait for tomorrow.”

You go digging around in the closet to find a decent latch mechanism, and attach it to the table. For good measure, you shove a bag of spare parts on it to weigh it down.

“Right, that’ll hold until I can find time to improve on the design. Bah, I’ll have to report this, though. And I already had an assignment…” You look at Clancy. “What are you still doing here?”

“Er, well, I’m not sure where to go now…”

“Well, you found yourself down in the tunnels, there’s got to be someone you should report to about that,” you say absentmindedly. “Maybe go to the medic in case you’ve got some kind of tunnel sickness. Whatever you do, just leave me alone.”

Clancy shrugs and walks out without another word. Now you can get on with your business.

Which is what, again?

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god damn it, now you’ve gone and forgot