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You stay perfectly still as the enormous tunneler glances around the cavern. You may not have Dean’s animal expertise, but there are enough dangerous reptiles in the swamp that there’s plenty of advice going around about them. Primarily, that they have trouble identifying things that don’t move. Stay still, and they have trouble distinguishing you from a rock until they get close.

The tunneler starts sniffing. You hope you don’t give off too strong of a scent.

Finally, it seems to turn its massive head towards another tunnel. You feel the ground shake as it slithers forward; that’s enough to persuade you to look for a way out. You keep low to the ground so you’re harder to spot, and roll towards a narrower tunnel.

Of course, you have no idea where you’re headed. But your main concern is keeping away from the tunnelers, especially if they’re that big. This passage is more likely to have been made by the greatrats, which means there’s a decent chance it leads back to base.

Sure enough, after a good ten minutes of crawling through the passage, you come to a boarded up hole. This would be where the greatrats came in.

Unfortunately, the boards don’t give way when you push on them. Repair squad did too good a job, it seems. Your best alternative is to knock.

You’re now Tom Eighth. You were heading back to your room to make sure repair squad didn’t break anything, but you’ve just heard a loud knocking coming from the floor. Right at the hole covered up by boards.

What are you going to do about this?

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“Oh great, more rats”

the traditional response is “who’s there”, i believe

Ignore it. You need to get back to work.