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You think back to your first week on repair squad. You learned that there are a number of nooks and crannies in the walls, usually boarded up, but with the right tools you can take out the loose boards. Repair squad uses them to approach some difficult areas from another angle.

And you’re pretty sure that there was one leading to the back of the auditorium. You didn’t use it often, but it did come up that week.

Unfortunately, you turned in your tools hours ago. You explain all this to Clancy.

“Just go get your tools. Say there’s something wrong in your room and you want to take a quick look at it. You can probably come up with something plausible. I’ll check out the corridor behind the auditorium and make sure no one else is around.”

You have to admit that’s a reasonably good plan, so you head to the supply room. Fortunately, you know the knight on duty there tonight, and she barely asks any questions. She probably knows you’re up to something, but only cares enough to make sure she won’t take any of the blame for it.

Well, that works for you. You take your tools down to the corridor, where Clancy’s already waiting.

“Ash had someone standing guard here, but I knew the right codewords to convince him I was here to relieve him,” he says, smirking. “So it’s all clear.”

“Good. I’ll make this quick.”

You remove a panel of the wall, and slip inside. Then you feel your way around the passage for a while, until you find a knothole.

You put your ear to it and listen.

“I can’t believe Ash wants us to babysit a freaking rat,” someone says. You think you recognize the voice… Ben Eleventh?

“Yeah, well, it’s too drugged to be a danger, and it’s not like it’s permanent. Relax. Our courier ought to be back soon with the poor sap who’s actually responsible for keeping the thing under control.”

“That was forty minutes ago! I think something’s gone wrong out there. Wasn’t there talk of a Marshguard attack?”

“If Marshguards had hit the base, we’d have heard the alarm by now. You worry too much.”

“You don’t get it. I was there only days ago. Talk was that Razor had a new attack plan he was pushing, a nasty one. What if they’ve launched that? Ugh, we don’t know anything about what’s going on out there.”

Well. It certainly sounds like the greatrat’s in there – you can even hear the occasional low growl. So now what? Stay and listen in hopes of finding out more, or head back and tell Clancy what you know?

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Head back, that’s all you need to know probably