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You decide to press him.

“Clancy, I’ve got to make this clear. If there’s something you aren’t telling me, first off, it might be relevant to this little errand you want me to do. Second, even if it isn’t, if it’s got you worried enough, it’s going to hold you back when we get out there. We have to be able to trust each other if we’re going to get anywhere here. Do you understand me?”

He’s uncomfortable as he thinks it over, then he lets out a deep sigh.

“We caught the greatrat on Sergeant Ash’s orders,” he says, slowly. “And we told him where we were keeping it. So I was just thinking – if Ash set the guard roster, he might have picked knights he trusted enough to give a warning. Which means they wouldn’t raise the alarm if they caught it.”

Hells, hells, hells. You can tell Clancy’s not lying. Which means one of the top officers tried to set up Squib Squad with a goddamned greatrat and… you just can’t process everything that means right now. You’ve just got to focus on the immediate problem.

“All right. So I think, before planning out anything else, we want to check if it’s in the auditorium. Could we go in there through this passage you mentioned?”

“It’s pretty thin. The greatrat might be able to squeeze through it, I know they’re good at slipping in through tight spots. But it’d be close enough to be real uncomfortable for you… and for me, just forget it.”

Well. What’s the plan, then?

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Use a repair-shaft.