Swamped Chapter 15 Page 8

As you glance over your cards again, the Scholar of Wings catches your eye. Seeing the calm, yet determined, look on the Scholar’s face reminds you of Tom Third.

You decide that’s the card you’re going for. But you’re not playing this game the standard way.

Oh, you’ll follow the rules. That’s what she’s testing you on, you’ve worked out that much. But you want to keep her guessing on that as long as you can.

You fiddle around with your cards, making a big show of it, but in the end they wind up in the same place. Then you drop the stack, with the Scholar on the bottom.

“My card’s at the bottom of the stack,” you say. “I’ll just take the rest off the top. Easier for me to keep track off. It’s supposed to all be one stash anyways, right?”

“Fine,” she says, keeping her eyes on your stack carefully. She wants to know if you’re trying anything with it.

You draw your first card. It’s a Four of Stones. So what’s your bet? Suit, rank, or pass?

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pass with a smug look on our face like we know what we’re doing


You want to play like you have the nine at the bottom, in which case you want her to get the nine at the top of your stash. Pass.

When she makes her call next turn, try to think about some unpleasant moments with Squib. The mental distraction may throw your facial features off, if just slightly.


to be honest i’ve completely forgotten how swamprats works, but that’s good because best strategy here has to be to be “no strategy.” that’s the best way to trip up a pro