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Before you can answer, you hear a loud noise just outside the room. You rush to investigate, and find three knights in a pile on the ground.

“Sorry,” says one of them, helping the others up. You think he’s one of Squib’s squad… Clancy, you think was his name. “I was heading to, um, see if Squib was all right. Heard he got floored by Mudviper.”

“You were in an awful hurry for that,” says one of the others. Wait, you’ve seen him recently… he’s one of the Stilts brothers from the card tournament. Oh, and there’s his brother with him.

“Squib’s a good, um, pal, you know? I only just heard. Really worried. Sorry again!”

He seems in a rush, but you don’t give him much thought. After all, you might have just saved yourself some time.

“You two,” you say. “Are you doing anything?”

“Well, Ash told us to wait on standby for a swimming recon,” says the other brother. Roger, you think? “But we haven’t heard from him in a few hours. We were just about to head to his office, but then we heard Burgundy’s giving orders now? So we’re not sure what we’re doing.”

“I can tell you what you’re doing,” you say confidently. “You’re coming with me to the roost. Pest control is shorthanded right now, and we’ve got some kind of infestation to deal with.”

“What sort?” asks the… older brother? Jared, you’re pretty sure is his name.

“The request wasn’t clear. It looked like it said ‘owls’, but that can’t be right. We’re going to check it out and then figure out what we’ll need to deal with whatever it is.”

“Hope it’s not more greatrats,” probably-Roger mutters.

“I don’t think the Postmaster’s handwriting is quite that bad. Anyhow, let’s go.”

You lead Greenbags and the brothers to the roost, and climb the ladder beforehand. You’re promptly struck in the face by…

By an owl. Huh. Seems there’s a lot of them.

“Postmaster?” you call out tentatively.

“Is that pest control? About time!”

The Postmaster makes his way through to you with a broom.

“I don’t know where these owls came from. I bet Dean knows lots about them, though. That’s why I sent the request on that letter.”

“Right,” you say. “Well, unfortunately, I couldn’t find Dean.” You’re pretty sure of the reason why, but you want to inspect the hidden message in that letter before saying anything about it.

“That’s a shame. Well, I trust you’ll come up with something. Er, you might have trouble getting back down the ladder with the owls around.”

“I’ll just poke my head down and shout,” you sigh.

Once you figure out what your plan is and what equipment you’ll need, anyhow.

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a real one this time


Desert Owls are known to be attracted to heat sources. Much like moths, really.


A broom to pap them out of the roost. Its the simple things that are the most effective sometimes.


A net to block off areas you’ve chased them out of