Swamped Chapter 144 Page 3

Well. You decided to play a bit and fake a history between you and the priest. Maybe you can work with that a little.

“Your pronouncements don’t scare me any more than they did last time. You may say you can bring the wrath of the gods, but all you were able to do was bring in a pack of greatrats.”

You definitely hear some of the breathing get heavier on that.

“And while I may not have figured out how you did it, I doubt you can pull that trick again.”

Drip looks amused.

“That was but a warning,” he replies. “The gods can bring far greater forces to bear than animals.”

“Hang on, didn’t the storm alarm just go off?” you hear one gang member whisper. “Right after the fire? You don’t suppose…”

“Ridiculous! We were told it was going to go off!” another hisses back. “There’s no real storm tonight! Just, whatever they need us wearing these masks for!”

But you hear doubt in the voice. So this seems like a promising direction.

You just need a good way to push them over the edge.

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As you dismiss his threat, pretend to suddenly be possessed by the gods and issue a divine warning to the Slippers to escape while they still can, to avoid the wrath about to befall the guild blasphemers