Swamped Chapter 144 Page 2

Well, while you wait for a better idea to pop up, you may as well handle this like you would if you were really pulling a bluff. You step closer to the door.

“Auras,” you say dismissively. “You expect me to back down just because you spouted a little nonsense? Hells, even if those things were real, you could just be trying to see if I get scared.”

Drip doesn’t respond. But you do notice his eyes drifting in a particular direction.

There’s nothing of particular interest when you follow his gaze… not in this room, anyways. But if he really can see auras through walls, maybe he’s pointing to one that caught his attention.

In which case he might want you to look into it without him? That’s really not how you’d like to do things, but if you can’t figure out how to take care of this situation, you might not have much choice.

One thing at a time. He speaks up after a bit.

“You should probably take auras more seriously, considering your own suggests you do not have long to live.”

Okay, you don’t know much about auras, but you do know that’s not how they work. He’s pulling the same ploy you are – responding the way he would if this were real. You can trade a clue here or there in the process, but not much more.

But you think you know where he’s going with this. The audience is the gang members around you. What you’ve got to do is make them uncomfortable. You’re not in a position where you can really look at them without making them suspicious – but you can hear some of them breathing a little faster.

So, you want to keep up the pretense, but in a way that makes them more afraid. You think what might work best is if you fire off a retort that’s really unconvincing.

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We’re not afraid of you, or of the gods’ wrath!

Besides, we trapped all the entrances here so there’s no way you can summon greatrats to rescue you again.