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Maybe if you act like you know him, that will be enough to get him to connect the dots.

“You again,” you say, sounding frustrated. “Not done causing trouble for us, I suppose.”

“I doubt I’ve caused as much trouble as Kanathe would have,” he replies calmly. “Inconveniences, perhaps, but your operations still seem to be proceeding.”

Bringing up Kanathe is a pretty clear sign of recognition. So now you just need to work out a plan for getting out of here. Maybe he can fake a surrender?

“I’d hoped our last meeting would have taught you what a poor idea it is to get in our way. But apparently, you’re not especially concerned for your own safety.” You make a wicked smirk. “So how about the safety of your fellow priests? Come along quietly and we won’t hurt them.”

He pauses for a bit. Probably thinking over the implied plan.

“You will find it rather difficult to do that, considering I do not see their auras in this building,” he concludes. So that’s a no. And it makes you realize that he probably recognized you by your aura, so you feel a little silly about checking.

“So much for your plan,” one of the gang members sneers. “You got something better?”

Well, you’re hoping you do. If not, though, maybe Bert or Drip does.

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Author’s Note:

There were no suggestions for this update.

However, I should note that I posted the next update a bit earlier than I usually do when I have no suggestions, due to the fact that the site had just recovered from going down and I was worried it might happen again.