Swamped Chapter 143 Page 28

This is the room where they keep the backdrops. If you were in Drip’s place, you’d probably hide behind one to confuse the guards, but you can’t say you know what he’s planning.

The main thing you’re aiming to do is have a talk with him and see if he’s figured anything out. That’s not easy to do with all these gang members standing around, though. And they’re not just going to leave while he’s in that room.

Or at least, while they think he’s in that room. There’s a lot of them, though, so you might not fool them all at once. Best to learn what you can before pulling any bluff.

It turns out that they’re pretty talkative, though.

“Should we really just leave that alarm alone?” one of them asks.

“I’d rather not risk having fewer pairs of eyes on that priest,” another growls. “We let our guard down even a little and he could knock half of us down before we realize what he’s doing. Or start another goddamned fire.”

“Does he even have anything to start a fire? Those wooden backdrops would burn pretty bad,” says another. “But he hasn’t touched ’em.”

“They’re very nicely-made, even if a little worn,” Drip’s voice calls out from the room. “It would be a great shame to damage them.”

“And then there’s the taunting! It’s like he wants us to know he’s watching us. Which is unsettling because we’re supposed to be watching him. That’s why I told you all to be quiet, so you don’t give him any goddamn ideas.”

They’re definitely on edge. Even the one who seems to be taking charge is clearly worried.

So you don’t think you’ll have to push them very far to get them out of the way, but you’ll probably need Drip’s help for it to work. And you can’t exactly go whispering in his ear what to do.

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Congratulate them on cornering the priest, stoke their egos a bit, then announce to the priest that his friends are held hostage and that bad things will happen to them unless he tells you what he knows