Swamped Chapter 143 Page 25

“This place has been shut down for a few years, so it’s not like anyone would be checking for pests regularly.” Bert muses. “Wouldn’t exactly shock me if a greatrat slipped in some time ago.”

“Yeah, but they told us they checked the place for pests earlier in the evening,” Necklace protests. “You saying they missed something?”

Hmm, that gives you an idea for how to play this.

“Funny you should mention that. We were just talking to someone who was part of that check,” you reply. “They said there were a few spots they didn’t check, which they dealt with by blocking them off and setting alarms in case something slipped through.”

Now, you know they’ve got alarms on some of the doors – there was one on the dressing room, until you disarmed it. So what would make this absolutely perfect is if you could set one off.

As it turns out, you know the layout well enough to realize that this hallway is right over the one to the dressing hall, where Mina’s hiding out. If you could signal her, that would do the trick.

Bert would probably have a better idea how to do that than you would, since he’d have some idea what she’d notice. So you think your best bet is to communicate the idea to him somehow.

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(To Bert) do these floors look solid to you? I feel like you could hear right through them