Swamped Chapter 142 Page 25

There’s a dozen or so chairs arranged in a circle.

“It looks like someone held some kind of meeting here,” you whisper to Drip. “If these chairs were for sale, they’d be stacked together.”

“I do not think it was a standard meeting,” Drip whispers back. “Look more closely at that one.”

He points at one of the chairs, and you can see a small piece of rope behind it.

“Keeping captives?” you mutter. “Could that be the priests we’re looking for?”

“Possibly, but they would not have been taken that long ago,” Drip muses. “And if their destination were the theater, why stop to tie them up here?”

He’s got a point. You think you want to be careful.

Just then, you hear some footsteps. You slip behind a crate as two people you don’t recognize slip in.

“We’re too late,” one of them says. “They’ve already been taken away.”

“We might still have a chance.” The other stoops down next to one of the chairs. “It doesn’t look like they were taken that long ago. And there’s no sign of a wagon. They must be somewhere nearby.”

“That’s all well and good, but that’s still at least six buildings they could be in,” the first mutters. “And, I might add, a lot of Guild patrollers. It’s not as if we can just search freely.”

“You’re right. Then we’ll need to figure out where they went.”

Hmm. It sounds like you might be able to help these two, but you’ve got no idea who they are or what they want. You glance at Drip in case he’s got any guidance.

He makes a gesture of deference. In other words, he’ll go along with whatever you decide. Best if you figure out what that is, then.

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