Swamped Chapter 142 Page 24

You’ve never known a Guild flunky who wasn’t hard up for cash. Most of them wouldn’t sell out the Guild, because it was all they had – but they wouldn’t pass up free money. Even if picking it up meant not looking the way the Guild wants them to look. Who’d ever find out?

So you toss a small purse with a dozen or so coins in it up to the roof. The woman stops to pick it up.

Seems you’re not the only one, though, because another purse reaches the roof shortly after. Drat, you could have saved a few coins if you’d known that was coming. You can’t see whoever tossed it, though.

And you don’t have time to worry about it, because you’re running across already. But just before you reach the next alley, you think you spot a shadow heading into the next one.

“I think whoever’s behind those horses is heading the same way we are,” you whisper to Drip.

“Could it be your friend?” he asks.

“Not too likely. This isn’t Minnie’s style. Could be anyone, really – the Guild’s real good at making enemies, after all.”

“Well, you said the warehouse is not far from here. I think it best that we reach it. On the offchance they go to the same place, we can observe them and work out if it complicates anything.”

He’s got a point. You continue running. The street just before the warehouse only has one guard in sight, and they’re looking the other way when you reach it. So you run past, get to the warehouse without any further difficulty, and slip in.

The warehouse doesn’t have anyone in it – if your fellow troublemakers are coming here, you beat them to it.

But there’s something here that seems out of place.

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A bunch of chairs are set up as if for a meeting or a show