Swamped Chapter 142 Page 19

It looks like some sort of root. Why would he be going for that? You doubt he’s just hungry.

Even weirder, there’s specks of dirt on the root and they’re blue. Since when is dirt blue? This is pretty strange.

You stuff it in your pouch. Stones must know something about this if he was trying to grab it, which means it probably relates to some branch or other of the Guild. But you don’t have time to get sidetracked.

Drip runs over and picks up the lizards, who are shouting at each other on top of the fallen stall.

“Was there a particular reason you picked this stall?” you asked. “I found something weird on the ground nearby.”

“I did pray for guidance,” he says. “And that led me to choose this one. Regardless, we had best leave soon. One of them is still conscious, if not specifically threatening at the moment.”

You glance over towards the stall where the worker was being threatened. Fists seems to be intimidated by the cat. Or perhaps he’s really focused on keeping his pants up.

“Guess we’ll just bring the lizards with us,” you say. “If we need more noise, we’ll just figure out a way to make it ourselves.”

“That seems wise,” Drip agrees. “It is not too much further.”

Drip leads you towards the group with the cage. You can see that one of them seems particularly on edge.

You’ve got the basics of your plan down, but you think it’s best to take a quick look around the area to work out the details.

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It’s a plaza with a statue in the center. There’s a tall tenement along one side, a closed butcher on the opposite, narrow buildings and their alleys on the others. Unless you can get some height upon/within the tenement, the alleys may be the best bet for planting the distraction…