Swamped Chapter 142 Page 16

He’s on the ground, with one of the pair of thugs holding him there. The other one seems a bit dazed, though. Drip must have gotten a good hit in before going down.

“Get a grip, Stones! I’m not sure how long I can keep him down!”

Maybe more than that. Sticks sounds frightened, despite the position he’s in. As if he expects something to go wrong.

And, considering you’re wearing an animal mask and wielding a sword, you’re in a good position to play to that fear. You rush forward, sword out.

“What in the hells is that thing? That’s it, Stones, we’ve got to run!”

Sticks panics and stands up. Drip promptly grabs him by the ankles and pulls him down again.

But Stones has gathered his senses, it seems, and quickly helps his partner up.

“It’s just a costume, you blasted fool!” Stones shouts. “Gods, you’ve always been so gullible. It’s no wonder Words never trusts you to go anywhere without me.”

Words? Is that the lady? Funny nickname, but you don’t see a need to comment on it.

“Maybe. But that priest means business, and even if that’s just a human, it’s still got a sword.”

Stones seems to be considering this. You get the sense he’s smarter than he looks – a low bar to clear, mind. But still worth handling carefully.

Although, you think you’ve figured out his next move.

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He’s trying to improvise a weapon to give him greater reach.