Swamped Chapter 142 Page 14

“Make some noise near another stall,” you whisper to Drip. “I’ll see about getting this poor soul out of here.”

Drip nods, and walks away. A little bit later, you hear a stall fall over.

“Sounds like we’ve got another troublemaker,” the woman says to her compatriots. “Sticks and Stones, go take care of that. Fists, you stick with me here in case it’s a distraction.”

Hmm. She’s good enough to guess at the general shape of what you’re planning. Luckily, the specifics aren’t especially predictable. You put the cat down, then climb up a stall and watch as two of the muscleheads walk off. When they’re a good distance away, you draw your sword and leap down in front of the victim.


That’s the poor soul they’re tormenting. The other two are staring wide-eyed, which gives you just the opening you need to hit the leader on the head with the hilt of your sword. Fists is quick to recover, but a very brief glance behind you confirms that the victim has used the moment to flee.

So all you really need to do is get out of here with Drip, and preferably with at least one of the animals. This would definitely be easier if you still had some mistflower, but as you don’t, you suppose you’ll have to improvise.

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What’s in stock at the stall? Fabric can be tossed, heavy rolls of stacked carpeting can be dislodged, and as for tiny metal ball bearings, well…