Swamped Chapter 142 Page 10

Your top priority is getting down. Unfortunately, you flung away the cloth, and just jumping down would probably hurt your legs real bad. Which is a problem when you’ve got a fearsome creature and probably some Guild thugs chasing you.

The ladder’s your best choice, but you can’t exactly just put it down in a second.

You can, however, give the creature a good whack from a distance with it. And as it suddenly gets distracted by a squawking tigershrike, you do just that, knocking it off the roof.

Then you put down the ladder on the other side, drop down three rungs at a time for speed, and run for it.

You hear some screaming a little later. Probably the scoundrels having a run-in with the creature. As long as it slows them both down, that suits you just fine.

You nearly panic when an arm grabs you from behind, but then you realize it’s just Drip. Looks like you’ve caught up.

“So, did you learn anything of interest?”

“I found something they were looking for,” you say. You actually haven’t had much time to look at it yet, so when you show it to Drip, it’s the first time you’ve really seen it.

And it looks more than a little strange.

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Is it some kind of mollusc shell?