Swamped Chapter 142 Page 8

It’s a mix between a cat’s purring and a bird’s chirping. The sound made by a tigershrike. But they’re only supposed to be found in Kandria.

You glance in the direction of the noise and spot one, though. It’s rather unassuming at its size, but you know it can be quite dangerous to smaller animals. And probably painful if it decides to claw or peck at your face.

This one doesn’t seem aggressive, though. Which is just as well – you’re worried its cry may have drawn attention down below. You move behind a chimney and listen carefully.

“Anyone else hear that weird bird cry?”

“Bird? Sounded more like a cat to me.”

“It doesn’t matter what it is, since in either case it’s not what we’re looking for. Now get back to it!”

“Hold on, I think I see something! In the G on that grocery sign!”

“Huh. Yeah, I see it too. You three wait here while I find a ladder.”

Well. There go your chances of not being spotted. You think you’re going to need a new plan.

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What are the odds you could squirt it with your water flask from here?