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“I think that group’s up to something,” you tell Drip. “I want to eavesdrop a bit in case it’s important. You can go on ahead.”

“I should think I would draw less attention,” Drip muses. “My robes may stand out, but your costume stands out even more.”

“I think that they’ll be trouble for anyone they spot. If it’s me, though, they’ll be thrown off for a bit when they see me. Besides, I know a few tricks that might be useful here.”

“Very well, then. I wish you well.” With that, he runs off. Not one to make a fuss – you think he didn’t even feel that strongly about going instead of you, he just wanted to raise the point.

He’s right that you should be careful, though. You stick near buildings as you get close.

“You sure we can’t get some more eyes looking for this thing?” one of them asks.

“I’m risking trouble just asking you three,” a gruffer voice replies. “You’re the only ones I can trust not to blab about pulling you off patrol. Now quit yapping and search harder – it’s got to be around here somewhere.”

“How do you know that?” asks a third. “What if somebody else swiped it before we even started looking?”

“Because it’d be real obvious once it left this area,” the gruff voice replies. “So we know it hasn’t.”

“Wait, then how are we getting it out?” a fourth voice asks.

“You’re not, I am. You just need to help me find it. Now quit asking useless questions! Someone could be listening in!”

They’re being cautious, but not cautious enough. They’ve given you a pretty decent lead – if you can think of what’s so special about this part of town, you might get some idea what they’re looking for.

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We’re close to the water tower. They could be thinking of stealing the town emergency alarm mechanism from the area. You don’t know too much about them, but you know they use water pressure and big bronze tubes to make a big racket when people ought to find shelter from a hurricane.