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“So here’s the thing. The theater’s right next to a brewery, which is next to a warehouse. Except that’s at a corner of the area. If you go behind the warehouse, you come right across the back of the theater. The door’s right around there. There’s a window just left of it, but it’s actually mirrored on the outside – you can look out, but not in.”

“Someone might be using it to keep a lookout, then,” Drip muses.

“Right. Safest route is to slip through the warehouse. There’s a window on the east side of it that comes loose and hasn’t been worth fixing… I’ve had to go there for work sometimes, so I know the place fairly well. Slip out on the west through the side door, and you’re in the passage between the warehouse and the brewery. Then there’s a gap right when you reach the theater. It’s not a big gap, but it shouldn’t be too hard to squeeze through. Can’t see any of that through the window, so anyone inside won’t know anything’s up until the door opens.”

Drip simply nods. Well, he seems attentive enough, so he probably doesn’t have any questions.

You leave Patterson’s and start walking towards the old theater. You see some suspicious characters running around some distance away, but they don’t look in your direction. If they’re with the Guild, they’re not patrolling – they look more like they’re searching for something.

They start talking. You can’t hear them from here. You wonder if you should listen in, or just focus on getting to the theater.

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Tell Drip to go on ahead while you sneak a bit closer in the hopes you can find out what they’re searching for.