Swamped Chapter 141 Page 10

She hands you a small piece of paper.

“Found that on an unconscious troublemaker in my mother’s house. It mentions the theater, so it might have something to do with you.”

You look it over.

Our distinguished guest will be overseeing movements near the theater. When you send the messenger over for Part Three, instruct them to carry a bucket and ask “Where should I put this saltwater?”

“It looks like a passphrase,” you mutter. “But it doesn’t say what the response should be.”

“Yeah, well, if nothing else you know to look out for someone carrying a bucket,” the smith says with a shrug. “Best of luck with whatever you’re doing.”

You thank her and head out.

“Whatever the meaning of the message itself, we are very likely to run into trouble along the way,” Drip says, as you walk down the hall. “We should be cautious. Is there a route to the theater that’s likely to be safer?”

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Let’s try going in the emergency exit