Swamped Chapter 141 Page 8

Well, she’s trying to figure out if she can trust you. You might be able to get some insight into that by suggesting you trust her. Or at least that you’re open to it.

“It’s a shame that things didn’t work out,” you reply. “But we’re getting sidetracked. The important thing is, someone used this egg for some weird magical ritual or something, and we need some way to keep it out of their hands.”

She looks like she’s about to say something. So you act as if you didn’t notice, and keep talking.

“I thought Patterson might be back and we could leave it with her, but she’s not. And I don’t like our odds if we go back out there looking for her, with all the Guild creeps skulking around. Not to mention the weirder stuff.”

Now she looks irritated. Good, that’s the perfect time to shift. You turn to face her directly.

“What about your smithy? Do you have a lockbox or something there?”

And now she seems a bit thrown off. It takes her a moment to recover. You think she doesn’t quite trust you, but she’s willing to negotiate.

She also seemed just a bit more agreeable when you mentioned the Guild. Probably doesn’t care for them any more than you do. Maybe you can build on that.

“A lockbox is no good. There’s a swamp beast growing in that egg, it needs access to the air.” She looks like she’s thinking, but then suddenly shakes her head slightly. “Somebody’s going to have to watch it.”

You get the sense she had an idea, but then rejected it. Well, maybe you can get her to share, just in case it’s worthwhile.

“Well, it’s not going to be me. I’m not ready to be a mother,” you reply. “So far, the best option seems to be leaving it with the church. It’s out of our way, and maybe not safe going there, but it’s all we’ve got.”

And, after a bit of hesitation, she seems to be thinking again. But you still catch that slight shake.

Then you see a look in her eyes you don’t really understand.

“Well, I’ve got a thought,” she says. “But I’d like to know something first.”

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Where did you *really* get your armor?