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Division of the Just Desserts,” she says. “Not exactly that, but there’s an idiom in there so that’s the best I can do. It means, basically, how you distribute whatever you get. Whether that’s loot for your gang of thieves, food for your village, or even who takes what blows in a fight.”

“Indeed. Qlat encourages thinking as a society, not just as an individual,”  Drip nods. “And so this is a rite in which members of the church gather up their earnings from the last year, and it is shared among them.” He looks a bit sad. “Unfortunately, when there is distrust in the community, the rite often becomes a place of dispute. That is why I ended up leaving.”

“Well, that’s sort of a harvest, I should think,” you muse. “A harvest of wealth, you might say. How did you know about it?”

The smith pauses for a moment.

“Had a fling with a Qlat worshipper some years back. Didn’t really go anywhere, but I learned some of the rites.”

She sounds embarrassed. Well, you suppose you have your own relationships you’d just as soon not give another thought to. Though, perhaps it’s got something to do with the smith you got the sword from?

You’re curious, but you aren’t sure it’s worth probing right now. Not when you’ve still got this egg to deal with.

Well. She’s been trying to get a read on you, you’re pretty sure of that much. So maybe you can try to get a sense of what that read is right now. Which is probably going to take a change of subject.

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Ask her if she’s willing to help you protect the egg.