Swamped Chapter 141 Page 6

“Is that a compound word?” he asks. “Leshkuut, that is. Is it a combination of two words meaning ‘winter’ and ‘harvest, or is it meant to be more of a single word conveying the whole specific idea?”

That’s a weird question. Probably means he’s got a different one in mind.

“I don’t really know the language. Could go either way. Why do you ask?”

“Well, I’ve served in a few different temples now. And I came across the very similar term lekshuut as part of a rite for Qlat. I don’t know what it means specifically, as it was in a chant, and I was only told the general meaning of the chant.”

Funny. You catch a weird reaction from the smith at the mention of Qlat’s name. A worshipper? Or someone who’s been on the wrong side of that church?

“Could just be coincidence. I mean, it all goes back to Aedran if you go far enough, right?” you muse.

“True, but the –huut ending is not one I’ve heard elsewhere.”

“Me neither,” you agree. “Well, what was the meaning, out of curiosity?”

Much to your surprise, Drip doesn’t get a chance to answer before the smith does it for him.

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Division of the Just Desserts… It’s how food, poison, or treasure is distributed when the need arises.